Allen NEET Leader Batch Test Series Solution Download For Free

Hello, everyone, my name is Durgesh Singh and today in this post I am going to share the Allen career institute NEET leader batch-test series solutions pdf for free.

Here in this post, you can download all the test series solution pdfs. These pdfs contain all the three subjects I .s., Biology, Chemistry & Physics, and in both English and Hindi language.

These test series are for 12 class students or for 12 passes out students.

If you are preparing for a medical entrance examination then these test series are going to be very useful for you. Because they are sequentially arranged with respect to their syllabus and if you study according to it, then I guaranty you that in the main exam it will surely boost your final marks and help you to grab a good government college seat.

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Download the test series Solution from here

If you are solving these test series then please make sure that you take it seriously and complete it within 3 hrs of time only because it will not only increase your speed but also prepare you for the stress that obviously comes in the main exam time.

I hope you love all these study materials and help you to enhance your studies and if it does so then please do share it with your friends and family members.


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  1. Thank you so much bhaiya thanks alot i was worried about how to pay this big amount for this test series…i am doing my prep. Through self study it will help me alot

  2. Sir aap jaisa aadmi iss planet pe bahut kam milte hain…. Thanks thanks thanks..
    Than you very much…
    One more argument that we want achiever test series and solutions…


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